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The Process

Consult: What happens first?
We meet with you in your home and discuss the requirements for your proposed renovation or new home. We assist you in refining your ideas for the scope of your renovation or new home and offer alternative solutions if necessary.

Quote: How much will the renovation or new home cost?
After our initial consultation we prepare a formal quotation for you. This quotation is based on the conceptual plans, provisional costs and any requirements or special requests you may have for the final finish of your renovation or new home.

Acceptance: What happens when I accept the quotation?
Once you have accepted the quote a contract will be drawn up based on the scope of the works.

Contracts: What are they & why do we need them?
All domestic building work valued at over $3,300 MUST be covered by a contract that complies with the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 (DBC Act). A building contract gives you peace of mind in the case that you are not happy with the work completed or if the job is not finished. It also helps to outline the steps involved in the building project, as well as the costs. In short contracts are designed to protect you and the builder, by ensuring both parties live up to the contractual agreements.

Plans: (If Applicable): When are the plans drawn up?
When you have refined your ideas and you have accepted the quotation, we then require permission from your local council to build the proposed additions or new home. In order for any additions or new homes to be approved by your local council, we have a formal set of certified & engineered plans drafted.

Approve: (if Applicable): How do we obtain council approval?
Dale Graham Quality Constructions oversees this part of the building process for you. As your application proceeds through council, our staff inform you of any developments and provides assistance should there be any objections to the planned development. Planning and building approval usually takes approximately 6 weeks, depending on the individual council and extent of the proposed renovation or new home.

Construct: When can we start building!?
When planning and building approval is granted for your renovation or new home, we will schedule a start date. This is done in conjunction with your availability & schedule.

The Process
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